AWS DevOps Engineer

Company Name:
Summ-IT Recruiting
Hiring one additional team member to rock solid growing team. Strong experience with CloudFormation, IAM roles and Security.
The focus of this
is to improve the up-time, speed, and reliability of the development environment. This is a collaborative environment where you will be working closely with development and QA teams.
o Work closely with developers to automate high performance, highly-available systems
o Analyze and strengthen existing infrastructure to minimize downtime and response times
o Build new internal tools for emerging products

Skills and Experience:
o 3+ years of experience in DevOps
o 7+ years Linux administration experience (Centos, Ubuntu is what they have, but Red Hat or Solaris will work)
o Experience working in a high availability web production environment
o Scripting languages - bonus points for Python
o Configuration Management tools experience is required (Puppet,
, Ansible, etc.)
o AWS virtualization experience is required
o Databases experience is helpful: MySQL or PostgreSQL
o Network knowledge to help setup and troubleshoot environments
o Experience scaling and optimizing web application performance
o BS in
Science or related field, or equivalent experience is required

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