Systems Engineer

Company Name:
Xpanxion, LLC
Position Type:
The systems engineer will be responsible for designing and developing solutions for infrastructure setup, configuration, automation and caching, primarily on the cloud. This requires an excellent understanding of sound application/infrastructure design, networking, application deployment and management, server provisioning and maintenance, and platform automation.
The systems engineer will work closely with data systems engineers/architects, performance/platform engineers and application developers/architects. The systems engineer will be responsible for the full deployment, infrastructure automation, and designing and developing tools and applications for code building, deployment and release management.
Strong Linux experience (RedHat 6.x/CentOS 5.x & 6.x)
Experience with configuration and management of CDN's (Akamai or level3)
Solid understanding of Amazon web services (or other cloud providers) and prior experience in designing and building infrastructure components in Amazon (or other cloud providers)
Good working knowledge with scripting languages such as, Perl, Python or PHP
Experience with Puppet, and/or MCollective and/or Factor
Experience with API management gateways and portals.
Experience with Memcached or varnish or squid.
Experience with building and deploying applications and release management
Apache and Tomcat experience
Experience with Jenkins
Experience with messaging technologies (RabbitMQ)
Experience with NoSQL (Redis, Riak, MongoDB, Hadoop) would be a plus
Knowledge of creating RPMs for open source

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